Social Benefits


Our open corporate culture and its real open-door policy are reflected throughout the entire company. Everybody from the CEO to team leaders always leaves a door open to listen to the concerns of employees, and lunch breaks and meeting colleagues in the café or even in the corridor also offer opportunities for a mutual exchange of experience.

Our annual summer barbecue and our Christmas party also encourage an atmosphere of cooperation and working together. Naturally enough, one should not forget visits from the Easter bunny and Father Christmas who always surprise our employees with a little gift.
We always round off our business year with our traditional Christmas breakfast at which our employees, about 270 in number, can celebrate the successes of the past year together while enjoying a hearty breakfast.


Our company canteen pampers you every midday with a freshly prepared and subsidised lunch. In addition to this, fruit baskets or snack bowls consisting of nuts and raisins, etc. are placed every day at several points in the company for employees to enjoy free of charge.

And employees need not go thirsty, as they can refill their water bottles at several points from a water dispenser. Our well-equipped department kitchens ensure that you feel at ease in an atmosphere which is almost home from home.

In order to ensure that tension never has a chance to take hold, we offer the opportunity to enjoy a massage every Monday (for a small fee).

We also receive excellent care from our company physician, Dr. Fritzer from the BASIZ occupational health and safety center in Villingen. He is available at all times with advice and care for all employees when it comes to questions relating to health.


We at WAHL GmbH offer our employees pension coverage in a variety of forms.
For example, it is possible to make savings in so-called time value accounts (long-term accounts) for early retirement. A classic pension variant which we offer on retirement is Metallrente direct insurance. Both models are subsidised by payment of a generous subsidy on the contribution amount.

Working with WAHL GmbH

Everybody would like a job that is a perfect fit for their skills and interests, that is secure and consistently pays a good, fair wage. But is that really all we want? What about diverse, challenging tasks, or working with a great team on which every member counts and is recognised, or a job that offers various opportunities for personal and professional advancement? Don't we all want our daily work to have a purpose and to get up motivated every morning? At WAHL GmbH, we want all of those things – nothing more and nothing less. Obviously we are not always doing everything right, we make mistakes and never stop learning. Sometimes things don't go as well as we have hoped and sometimes we have to deal with setbacks. But what matters is that we learn from it. We are not looking for someone to blame, we are looking for solutions. We are excited about what we do, we are innovative and we are proud of being extremely successful and that we manufacture our own stylish, high-quality products! How about you? Do you want to contribute with your expertise and keep improving together? Then we can't wait to receive your application – and maybe we will welcome you soon as part of our team!