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I had already started to focus on marketing during my International Business studies and, directly after obtaining my degree in business administration, WAHL GmbH offered me the chance to take up the position of Junior Product Manager in Marketing.
I was sceptical at first, because I hadn't heard a lot about WAHL prior to this. But I was convinced after the first interview. The decisive factors for me were an open and frank atmosphere for discussion and interesting tasks in an international environment.
And I wasn't disappointed in my expectations. I was able to contribute and implement my own ideas right from the outset. Enormous value is placed on taking personal responsibility in your work at Wahl. My duties are extremely varied and encompass both product management and marketing. I find the interplay between creativity, aesthetics and technology particularly interesting: as technical products, professional hairstyling appliances still leave a certain amount of room for creative manoeuvring when it comes to different colours, shapes and functions. Internal company specifications must, of course, be met when it comes to the layout of packaging, catalogues and flyers, but other than this, no limits are set when it comes to creativity.

In addition to interesting and varied tasks, the most important factor for me is the excellent working atmosphere at Wahl. Relationships between colleagues are exceptionally good and are additionally fostered through different events such as an annual summer party, a Christmas party and a variety of sporting activities.

It never fails to thrill me when I consider the level of technical know-how which can be found at WAHL – a medium-sized enterprise from the Black Forest. New investments are made and the location is expanded on a regular basis. We develop and implement innovative new ideas in St. Georgen, and the results of these are marketed in 180 countries around the world.

Intercultural competences are both required and encouraged, thanks to our American parent company and many customers abroad. This sometimes represents a challenge, but it's primarily extremely interesting and, indeed, it helps you to consider your own attitude time and again.
All in all, WAHL was the right choice for me!



Since September 2013, I have been doing a dual education course in business information systems at Wahl GmbH.

I was immediately struck by the constant friendliness of the staff, as well as the family atmosphere. Wahl GmbH provides its employees with plenty of special offers and activities, and I believe that these are the main reasons why it is so friendly here. For example, there are annual Christmas and summer parties as well as various sports activities, and these allow the staff to get to know each other better and socialise together outside of work.

My training is made up of elements that are extremely varied; these provide me with an idea of what my future working routine will be like and allow me to make excellent progress in my training. I have also been able to participate in the company's internal program workshops and training courses, which have enabled me and other employees to get to grips with the software more easily.

I would like to conclude by mentioning that I am very happy to have Wahl GmbH as my training partner, for the company is very dedicated to my progress and provides practical course elements that usefully complement the university's theoretical ones.


I'm Jutta Müller, and I've been working for WAHL GmbH, the former Moser Elektrogeräte GmbH, for 42 years.

I was taken on by the company in November 1979 and assigned to the stamping workshop. I had learnt to be a hairdresser, but health reasons forced me to stop working in this profession, so I decided back then to join Moser.

I was then able to gain experience over the following years as an assembly worker in the factory which was at that time located in Tannheim.

In the mid-1990s, the company offered me the opportunity to work in the printing department. I was responsible there for setting up the Tampo printing machines for printing on hairstyling appliance and razor casings. My duties also included the coordination and processing of orders true to schedule. Thanks to several seminars, courses and SAP training modules, WAHL enabled me to broaden my knowledge, and I was eventually personally able to take over the department at the end of the 1990s.
I was also responsible at this time for appliance packing which involved readying the products in due time for shipping.

I was then able to gain additional experience in Quality Management during the course of restructuring at WAHL. Production was later divided into value streams, and I was assigned to the Purchased Finished Goods stream.
My duties encompass initial sampling with appropriate documentation, the drafting of inspection protocols and management of key quality indicators. I am also responsible for conducting inspections of incoming goods according to inspection protocols, the evaluation of inspection results and the processing of customer complaints.
My duties also involve providing assistance in the Product Engineering division. I have also been a Safety and First Aid Officer for some years now.

My work here is both fun and extremely interesting, and I'm very happy at WAHL GmbH. I really enjoy working together with my colleagues.