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Professional Corded Clipper

The 5 Star Balding Clipper is a barbershop must-have. With a powerful electromagnetic motor that cuts twice the speed of pivot motors, the 5 Star Balding Clipper offers barbers and stylists a surgical

Key Features

  • Professional V5000 vibrator motor
  • specifically for balding hair


Professional Corded Balding Clipper

Drive unit

V5000 Motor, 6000 rpm

Operation time

Continuous operation

Blade Set

fixed, “0” Overlap, Chrome Blade

Cutting length

0.4 mm

Cutting width

40 mm


ca. 610 with cable

The BaldingClipper™ comes with the followeing items

  • 2 attachment combs 1.5 mm, 4.5 mm
  • barber comb
  • cleaning brush
  • oil
  • blade guard