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Professional Corded Trimmer

Your barber’s favorite precision trimmer: the 5 Star Detailer. This tool is designed for extremely close trimming, creating crisp clean lines, facial hair detailing and design, and detailed hair tatto

Key Features

  • Powerful heavy-duty corded trimmer
  • Professional rotary motor
  • Designed for all trimmer and blending work
  • “0” overlap


Professional Corded Trimmer

Drive unit

Rotary motor, 5,000 rpm

Operation time

Continuous operation

Blade Set

Fixed chrome T-Blade

Cutting length

0.4 mm

Cutting width

38 mm


190 g without cable

The Wide Detailer comes with the followeing items

  • 3 attachment combs #½ (1½ mm), #1 (3 mm), #1½ (4½ mm)
  • cleaning brush
  • oil
  • blade guard